uncomplicated, simple Creativity

I seem to see a correlation between the ‘cleverer’ we become the greater the complexity is that we employ.

I always thought and practised that when I understand something which is generally regarded as ‘difficult,’ then I share it with an analogy that is appropriate in the circumstance and I disassemble it into simplicity.

Not so with many institutions, individuals and, contrary to common logic, some products developed in the software industry.

Bureaucracy, (I actually feel like saying Autocracy here) and Law surely are the frontrunners in upholding the banner of complexity.  The two complement and amplify each others existence. They probably won’t make the best bed mates because they’d argue too much but they definitely will hold you in your track given half a chance at authority. And, when that threesome get’s into governance then evolution absconds. Progress is now controlled by a set of parameters defined by ‘superior’ human intelligence often driven by anything but noble reasoning and we are in ultra-slow-down mode.

In the software development world the banner of complexity or lack thereof (simplicity) is upheld by logic. The logic applied by an individual, a team, the leaders, the CEO, et cetera.

Compare the product from one software house (no names will be mentioned here as you all have your favourites) with that from another and you can feel the spirit of that ‘simple’ logic.

In all cases, we, the ones exposed to this jungle, want to get on with our business as unrestricted and simply as possible. Some aid us in our venture and others restrict us. Imagine if we would have enlightened leaders, instead of some of those self-possessed dimwits dispersed like weeds over the globe, who would produce a ‘Software upgrade’ periodically so that the flow and the growth of humanity remains unobstructed.

Of course there are many that are happy to exist within a given paddock and nobody would want to take that away. A familiar environment, known rules, comfortable living, growth instigated by gentle nudging and personal security are all welcome foundations to build a life on. Gradual and not too much change too often, – just letting us plod along till next time or next lifetime are all ideas of a life some of us want to pursue.

Everywhere on earth we are actually in jeopardy and everywhere we are in a relationship, if we want it or not. Granted, sometimes it’s not the relationship we sought, but then we should change it because we do have a choice. Somehow though it is evident that we can’t just simply get on with each other, no, we have to complicate relationships. Either we impose our ego onto someone because we are so big and so good sunshine buys credit with us or we think we are entitled, as some population groups do, or we live off charity, or, we are ‘just normal’ but then live in fear of being overrun by these ego machines that complicate our life or these social obligations that drain us that we are also not happy.

If there had to be a yardstick then the measure should be Creativity. Today we measure money and wealth. It could be said that wealth can only come about through Creativity. Wealth by inheritance or wealth from being a despot who deprives others is not Creativity. I think it’s time that Creativity is given its rightful place and awarded more stage time on the billboards of our journey. In simple Creativity lies the answer to all my needs and not in complexity.

Being creative is simple. It happens when you let yourself be. Creativity comes when you seek it. You can ask for it to be there. You can wish for it and it will appear. Unharnessed Creativity bubbles like a fountain and pops like popcorn. Creativity paints and writes and composes and designs and plays and builds. Creativity thinks and thoughts create, – profound. Creativity does it all. It even dreams and dreams are the source of creation, – are we goingd around in a loop here? Well, we just found the answer to Everything and this time round it wasn’t 42.  I therefore declare today to be Multi-versal Creativity day! Pop, pop, pop, bubble, fizz, pop…

seize that Virgin time

Eventually there was nothing in my racing mind as I fell asleep exhausted after another hot, late-spring day. Just before nautical twilight, an hour before sunrise, at 0400am I rose. Still there was nothing when I woke. “What will the day hold for me,” was the first question that came to mind as I stretched? That question was quickly displaced by my rather urgent thought that I wanted to have a superlative, awesome, creative day.

I went outside and the nothing dissolved into a spectacular theatre performance. Morning was approaching and the sky was slowly changing to a lighter shade. I looked towards the south-western sky and my amazed eyes caught two satellites moving in the vicinity of Achernar, the tenth brightest star. There have been nights where, no matter how hard I tried, I could not see one satellite in the firmament above and this morning there were two and they happened upon me at the instance I looked into the sky. I was so overwhelmed I was gobsmacked. Nearly unbelieving I refocused my eyes to make sure it was true. Yes this was not a dream, there they were moving on their path through the sky like stars on a mission. A minute later and I would have missed them completely. That feeling of being in the right place at the right moment, this feeling of alignment overcame me. I looked above and saw Sirius and Canopus and then turned east to be blessed with another memorable performance. Already low in the sky, towards where the sun would rise in under an hour, they presented themselves in all their magnificence. Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Jupiter looked like the headlights of a distant oncoming car. Venus was bright like a torch in the sky and Mars’ shine was faint like a bicycle light. From nothing to this I thought. Whow wee! I had to do nothing but just be there. My resolve at the beginning of my day to let it be a superlative and awesome day was acknowledged in a remarkable way and I was presented with something I could not have imagined when I went to sleep with nothing on my mind.

This made me think, – a lot. The universe is filled with nothing and in between is everything else. It’s all there and I just have to open my eyes and look and engage my mind and my first thoughts of the day shape the outcome. How absolutely mind boggling is that. I had lined this up for myself with a few thoughts only and no clue what in detail it was going to be like. Is this the Law of Attraction at work here? Have I found the Secret? What became clear is that I didn’t have to write a detailed document and present it to the universe, of what I wanted and how I wanted it to happen. I just put three words out there. Superlative, awesome, creative. What happened blew the top of my head right off. For me this was truly proof of the incredible power of thought. Once I had thought about what I wanted for the day I forgot about it and went about my (early) daily business. My intent just happened after that as if it couldn’t have been any different. I was left with such a good feeling. It was like getting a pat on the back from someone saying, “You see I told you so.”

I can only conclude that those very first moments of ones day, that ‘Virgin time,’ absorb and process your thoughts and create the basis after which your day will be sculpted. When we go back into ‘Nothing’ at night a reset-switch is activated, I guess so we can get some rest. Instead of trundling off tomorrow according to some default and wobbling through the day trying to survive the onslaught of worldly interference we should therefore create another intent, a wish during ‘Virgin time.’

I wish I wish

The thought occurs to me that without doing some ‘wishing,’ life would just takes some default route. An automatic, default path, following an inbuilt survival strategy.

Control at that default point rests largely with the subconscious. You barely exist and function. You might direct your daily proceedings mostly in a reactionary way so that by the end of the day you come out unscathed. Some stuff you definitely have no control over:

Your body will summons you to attention when it requires something.
That your neighbour fell off the ladder into your pool and drowned while cutting his shrubs, – and the police thinks you had something to do with it because another neighbour heard you argue with him over the fence yesterday, and even though you thought to yourself, “I wish he’d drown,” you didn’t really mean it, – you had no control over that, – it just happened.

Stuff happens all the time.

This is a world where ‘happening’ is the order of the day. Anything, even if it is ‘nothing’ is a ‘happening.’
I remember a quote, not sure who the originator is, about a particularly desolate place and situation:
“This is a place where nothing happens every five minutes and lasts for ten.”
One can only hope that this is not ones own life. But alas, if it is then something is amiss. I seem to think that if I create a wish, if I have a wish, then my whole outlook changes. Even in the most lost of lostnesses it creates a wave of enthusiasm. There is a ripple. The mind becomes active. Where there is action there is transformation. Forces gather to construct that creation that I wished for and that I dreamt of. Suddenly stuff happens. The love I wished for materializes, the new aircraft I dreamt of becomes affordable, the cabriolet Porsche I dreamt about stands in my driveway, the loaf of bread i wished for is in my shopping basket, the spring of water I wished for is in on my path, the help I wished for is on its way. If I don’t wish then ‘Nothing’ happens and if I don’t dream then there aren’t even any wishes. We know the universe is filled with endless nothing that could be activated with a wish.

I have noticed that the big things are called dreams and they are in my view vitally important and the small dreams are wishes. The big things I create as a background, like Apple’s background of El Capitan, and then I get on with my wishes. I wish to plant my Aloe’s today. I wish to have a peaceful and creative day. I wish for a resolution of one of my issues. I wish to find that parking space at the shopping mall. I wish that taxi would come past and pick me up. I get on with my day to day stuff wishing to accomplish what I have set out. The big stuff, the background, the dream of my life I can only accomplish if I walk my walk and create and fulfil my little wishes. Life is now suddenly filled with abundant smiles when those little wishes come true. As soon as you have a wish it seems to me there is a motion to grant you that wish.

Yes, I can hear the complaints, arguments and restlessness loud and clear. “I wished for stuff and it doesn’t happen.” Quite true, it often doesn’t. It is agitatingly frustrating. It is disheartening. It makes you think it is all bs and hairy-fairy waffle. It happens to me all the time and because of that I have given it some serious thought. The kind of thinking that can drive you insane. And, I have concluded after incredible rumination and exhausting cogitation that is is actually very simple. Everything is simple and if it isn’t then you doing it wrong anyway.  A rule so simple I however refused to accept it for most of my life and still do at times. You see I also don’t listen well and don’t remember well and get myself into incredible knots. Here it is: My reputation in the universe is not one of being this mighty over achiever. I can’t blow the big trumpet and expect the universe to arrive at my front door faster than the police with a, “Yes Sir, how can we help?” I have to do things in my stride and that means wishing for the small and important stuff for today. Once in a while I glance at the big dream and remind myself and then every day I will do to the best of my ability achieving those set out wishes for today. I might have many wishes for today and I do stretch myself occasionally. The other big stuff I have activated by thinking about it and dreaming about it. Because I am not a magician but only a human I can’t produce that far-off dream immediately but I can dive in and get on with what I can with determination and gusto. I have a Über-giga-dream, damn sure I have, and I have many wishes too. Each is achievable if I get on with my life. It’s a proven concept for me. Granted the Ferrari doesn’t drop on my front lawn but it sure is on its way as soon as I dream it. Now let me get on with accomplishing those wishes I set out for this day. I dream the big stuff and wish the small stuff. The basket is always full and so it should be.


There is something disconcerting and worrying about getting up in the morning and being clueless about where your life is going. You tap yourself on the head and wonder what this is all about. You wonder what the point of this is when you drift so forlorn in this ocean of  lost and cluelessness. When your standard answer to most questions becomes, “Eish, I don’t finguck (fill in any expletive of your choice for more umphh here) know.”

It’s a wobbly start. It’s a shaky beginning. You not even up yet and you’re on a slippery slide already. As a matter of fact you already stuck in the mud. A consolation could be that it probably can’t get any worse. But it probably will. When stuff sucks from the beginning it’s difficult to swing that impression, turn that leaf or change that dominating thought stream. When you wake up with a thunder cloud over your head the outlook ain’t rosy for the day.

I mean wouldn’t it be great if we could predict that this is going to be a great day, if we could know for certain that it is going to be a marvellous day.

Well, I’m no Sangoma or Witchdoctor or any of that. I have no surefire answer either because I also get so messed up by this cluelessness and all. But, I have found a tenacity a resilience, you can even call it an anger, a peed-offness with this image of deserted cluelessness in that horror cabinet of my mind, that out of sheer frustration and depression I have decided to simply be delusional. I fill my head with thoughts of how I want it to be, what it can be like and what it actually is, bar that little fact that reality seems to infringe upon me some other vision which I stubbornly choose to ignore. I will adjust and learn from my current circumstances, which I have probably been the author of, and write my new book starting now, actually backdated to yesteryear. I will and I can do it. I will also become who I really want to be and not what my ‘advisors,’ whoever they might be, want me to be. I will be me. Cluelessness can take a skip and hop onto someone else. From now on I do have a clue and I have found myself. My thoughts will show my vision and who I really am and not this slave of all these worldly leeches that found a host in me. Just to make a point I will quit sugar today and any of that white poison. The world can keep its cigarettes and booze and fatty foods. Today, watch me, I will dwarf Arnie, surpass Aristotle, move like Ali and have a pocket like Gates and Buffet combined. Today, hah, my new life swings into action and my radius is bigger than the universe.

It was about time.

“Clueless and lost, are you listening, take a long hike! Get! Out, out!”

Now bring on tomorrow morning and I will climb into the clouds and beyond, again and again.

unlocking my potential

As everything on this site, this is also based on my personal experiences. Whatever you do with this knowledge and whatever happens is your doing alone.

Unlocking our ‘potential, dormant’ life is high on many of our lists. There is no specific order to the unlocking process. It works best as a package, but each individual key will eventually also get us to our full potential. I like the Master Key concept that will open the doors to my superlative life in one go. After all who wants to run around with a bunch of keys if one key will do?
Below are my corner stones, some call them key stones, without which my life would be of very poor quality.

My Master Key fits into a number of very important doors. With that knowledge you will uncoil that slumbering potential. Before anything though institute these ground rules and then consider your health before you zoom off to accomplishment.

You gotta find what you love,

as Steve Jobs said at a commencement address at Stanford in 2005.

You have to dream it.

Believe it.

And if you are in a quandary already:

Believe that it can be different.’

(the prime message in my book 'beyond Cloudia')


Adequate hydration can’t be over emphasised.
As I write this I grab the jug of pure water and take a few deep sips.
Many of us don’t even drink water and if we do it’s seldom enough.
It’s fair to say then that water is life. No not tea or coffee or sweet drink or booze, – WATER – pure H20!!


We are so off the rails here we need a serious reset!
The most amazing, ultimate reset is getting back to raw food. I know that is a tall order, but it actually ain’t half bad, just different. Quitting junk, processed, factory food, meat and sugar is a good start.
A step at a time and keep it going. The hike isn’t finished until you get there and then life really takes off. It is all about flying, isn’t it?


We think this is stuff for Yogis and those who renounced the world. Well, bowl me over, but if you want to bring rest to your mind and so much more, there is no other vehicle to achieve that.


It’s gotten so distorted and misinterpreted no wonder many of us ignore it or overdo it. Where do you start?

When I don’t feel like doing anything, but know I should, I do at least one thing. I do a wall squat/wall sit. That’s basically my back against a wall and my knees at 90° angle. I do that for two minutes (I started with 15 seconds) and it blows all the cobwebs, excuses and lethargy out the window. After riding that burn you’re ready to scale any mountain, physical or psychological.


The modern world has also lost the plot here. Other stuff is important these days. Economic growth, money, image…
Get enough rest, else you keel over sooner or later and look like a wreck. I’ve tried sleep deprivation for a long time and it just plays havoc with the system in so many ways. I didn’t want to believe that I had to take 8 hours out of my 24 hours to do, well, ‘Nothing.’ But there is infinitely much in that ‘Nothing.’ No kick-ass substance can replace that.


Let’s just say that if you can then put as much distance between you and them, you’d be much better off. And if you can’t then start with Nutrition because health is anchored there and eventually you won’t need the chemicals anymore and everything else just falls into place.

barking dogs & strong coffee

Neither should  make an appearance late in the afternoon, evening or night, lest you plan to stay awake in which case one of them would suffice.

I don’t talk dog, at least not yet, and we certainly don’t seem to be on the same wavelength especially when my unmistakable communication misses its target with predictable inaccuracy. Imagine the aftermath if such communication would hit the target. It would however be nice if I could silence the noise just for myself. Tick the box of ‘no-neighbors-dog-bark’ in my lifes’ preferences. And I have, but there’s a bug in the software.

Strong coffee of course is my choice. Decaf is not, – never.

Then it all changes. The neighbours move. The new ones also have dogs but more evolved ones and coffee is now brewed in the mornings only.

Everything goes according to plan, – eventually.

the fluidity of air

We can’t see the air. It’s ‘nothing’ to most of us, besides air. We become aware of it when we become conscious of our breath. That happens seldom. We gulp for air when we run out of air and then realise how utterly important and necessary it is. During meditation a great practice is to focus on the breathing of air. Slowly breathe in filling your lungs, over say about five seconds, hold the breath gently while the word ‘Aum’ forms in your mind and breathe out again for five seconds. That focus alone quietens the mind. We now become aware of the flow of air. At the same time if you practice a little you could associate a picture, a word and a feeling with that process of breathing. You could imagine a movie screen in your head showing those desired pictures and it could happen to the rythm of the breathing, unobtrusively. The thing about air is that it flows like water flows and surrounds us too.

We are critically aware of the air-flow when we fly close to mountains. That’s where up-drafts or waterfall-like down-drafts occur that affect our stability in the air. Air flows like water. Air is fluid. Obstructing it creates barriers causing detours that change the unhindered flow. It will still flow, but obviously not as easy. If we now associate well-being with air we will be inclined to want it to flow as natural and unobstructed as possible and stay with us. Why? Well, let’s have as much well-being as we can. Let’s have the air flow around us comfortably. Let it flow through our home peacefully and not zoom in and out like through a jet. Let the air be fresh and rich. Let’s view it as the bringer of energy and health and wealth.

I love air. It’s my medium and while I am not a bird I often wish to be able to become one at will. Imagine being a Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. Imagine being a swallow or a Gymnogene.

into the wind

Often I hear: Go with the flow. Go with the stream. Go with the wind, where it will take you. Jump into the deep end. Go, go, go.
Then I wondered.
Ever seen an aeroplane take off? Ever looked at a windsock indicating the direction of the wind?
They never take off with the wind. It’s always into the wind. Of course there are aerodynamic reasons.
Wind coming from the front over the wing lifts the plane. A headwind therefore facilitates the take off and shortens the runway required to get into the air. Wind from the back is only good when we are up there. On the ground it has a negative effect on our ability to lift off. Once up there then a tailwind pushes us along and saves us fuel and time, increasing our speed without much effort from our behalf.
What if we use that example for our life.
Just going with the wind or jumping into the stream tears us along at a rate of knots. We don’t lift off. We tumble, sink, drown, crash. The fewest of us have enough runway or smooth waters to eventually gain some lift.
We want to gain lift in our life. We are here to make life work out for us.
Why not use the wind blowing in our life and turn into it head-on? Instead of running with it lets utilise it to get off the ground, to get lift-off, to gain much needed perspective, height and clarity and then once we are in control and stabilised and know exactly what we want, turn with the wind and zoom towards our dreams. A little pressure from the front could be quite beneficial to get us going. I for one love facing into the wind. I will be my own aeroplane and pilot it to the destination of my choice.


and then Nothing again

When there is nothing there is actually a lot of it. There is all your life burdening down on you: Nothing happens. Nothing moves. Nothing in your bank account. Nothing you can do, – or so you think. That’s where many of us go wrong. If we would just do what we have to do to the best of our ability that nothing-ness would fill with something that makes us feel good. It takes our mind off the grind when we do something. The better we do something the better the nothing-ness fills with something. If you do a half-a-job you get nothing filled with half of something. And when our mind is off the grind then there is nothing and that is good because now it can fill with something. We should always keep something in the back of our mind. Something we really like; a dream; a picture of something that fills us with joy; an accomplishment. Yeah, let’s see the finished product and not the thousand steps it takes to get there. Each of those steps well done will bring joy when we see the end result. And if you think that you don’t know how to do something that you think you should do, don’t think again, just get started, the solutions and steps required will reveal themselves. It’s one thing going through everything in your mind, meticulous step by step, it’s another when we get going because the universe rewards action. Action makes waves. Thoughts ignite action. Both are key.

rainy season starting

Sooo much water everywhere…not far from Lake Tanganyika
Zambia 2007 598

Close to the source of the Kalungwishi river, feeder to the spectacular Lumangwe and Kabweluma Falls

Zambia 2007 944

Zambia 2007 1012

Well it’s drying time again I have to air you…this time in Kasanka

Zambia 2007 324

There is something captivating about the rainy season. Something so unbelievable when one has travelled during the dry and dusty winter. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful time of year when nature is so alive with variety and beauty that you are stumped to silence.

You also get wet. Oh boy do you get wet. And muddy. And your vehicle will never be the same again. And everything you ever owned is damp. And there are leaks and drips were never leaks and drips have ever been before. There are so many shades of green you’d think green couldn’t be any greener. Clouds don’t just cover the sky they cover your whole universe and they are so majestic you feel so honoured by their presence even if they bring more rain. And roads are rivulets and and when the sun peeps out you think a miracle has happened.

Forget about the hardship. Forget about wearing shoes. Run around in swimming trunks and windbreaker and hat. Have ten towels close by because each is more wet than the other no matter which one you take. So what! Have you ever experienced something like that? Africa in the rainy season blows various circuits in your brain. It’s something we don’t usually do but we should. The beauty about those latitudes is that it doesn’t get that cold with the rain, still, find your driest wet jacket with hoody for extra comfort. Oh yes, don’t even think of anything less than Mud Terrain tires, diff locks on both axles and a serious winch and umbrellas, biscuits and hot coffee.