rainy season starting

Sooo much water everywhere…not far from Lake Tanganyika
Zambia 2007 598

Close to the source of the Kalungwishi river, feeder to the spectacular Lumangwe and Kabweluma Falls

Zambia 2007 944

Zambia 2007 1012

Well it’s drying time again I have to air you…this time in Kasanka

Zambia 2007 324

There is something captivating about the rainy season. Something so unbelievable when one has travelled during the dry and dusty winter. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful time of year when nature is so alive with variety and beauty that you are stumped to silence.

You also get wet. Oh boy do you get wet. And muddy. And your vehicle will never be the same again. And everything you ever owned is damp. And there are leaks and drips were never leaks and drips have ever been before. There are so many shades of green you’d think green couldn’t be any greener. Clouds don’t just cover the sky they cover your whole universe and they are so majestic you feel so honoured by their presence even if they bring more rain. And roads are rivulets and and when the sun peeps out you think a miracle has happened.

Forget about the hardship. Forget about wearing shoes. Run around in swimming trunks and windbreaker and hat. Have ten towels close by because each is more wet than the other no matter which one you take. So what! Have you ever experienced something like that? Africa in the rainy season blows various circuits in your brain. It’s something we don’t usually do but we should. The beauty about those latitudes is that it doesn’t get that cold with the rain, still, find your driest wet jacket with hoody for extra comfort. Oh yes, don’t even think of anything less than Mud Terrain tires, diff locks on both axles and a serious winch and umbrellas, biscuits and hot coffee.

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  1. mukul chand says:

    Wonderful post.


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