my potential unlocked

As everything on this site, this is also based on my personal experiences. Whatever you do with this knowledge and what happens is, however, your doing alone.

Unlocking our ‘potential, dormant’ life is high on many of our lists. There is no specific order to the unlocking process. It works best as a package, but each individual key will eventually also get us to our full potential. I like the Master Key concept that will open the doors to my superlative life in one go. After all who wants to run around with a bunch of keys if one will do?
Below are the cornerstones, some call them keystones, without which our life would be of very poor quality.

My Master Key fits into a number of very important doors. With that knowledge, you will uncoil that slumbering potential. Before anything, institute these ground rules and then consider health before you zoom off.

You gotta find what you love,

as Steve Jobs said in a commencement address at Stanford in 2005.

You have to dream it.

Believe it.

And if you are in a quandary already:

Believe that it can be different.’

(the prime message in my book 'beyond Cloudia')


Adequate hydration can’t be over emphasized.
As I write this I grab the jug of pure water and take a few deep sips.
Many of us don’t even drink water and if we do it’s seldom enough.
It’s fair to say then that water is life and life comes from water. No not tea or coffee or a sweet drink or booze, – WATER – pure H20!!


We are so off the rails here we need a serious reset!
The most amazing, ultimate reset is getting back to raw food. I know that is a tall order, but it actually ain’t half bad, just different. Quitting junk, processed, factory food, meat, and sugar, is a good start.
A step at a time and keep it going. The hike isn’t finished until you get there and then life really takes off. It is all about flying, isn’t it?


We think this is stuff for Yogis and those who renounced the world. Well, bowl me over, but if you want to bring rest to your mind and so much more, there is no other vehicle to achieve that.


It’s gotten so distorted and misinterpreted no wonder many of us ignore it or overdo it. Where do you start?

When I don’t feel like doing anything but know I should, I do at least one thing. I do a wall squat/wall sit. That’s basically my back against a wall and my knees at 90° angle. I do that for two minutes (I started with 15 seconds) and it blows all the cobwebs, excuses and lethargy out the window. After riding that burn you’re ready to scale any mountain, physical or psychological.


The modern world has also lost the plot here. Other stuff has become far more important these days. Economic growth, money, image…
Get enough rest, else you keel over sooner or later and look like a wreck. I’ve tried sleep deprivation for a long time and it just plays havoc with the system in so many ways. I didn’t want to believe that I had to take 8 hours out of my 24 hours to do, well, ‘Nothing.’ But there is infinitely much in that ‘Nothing.’ No kick-ass substance can replace that.


Let’s just say that if you can then put as much distance between you and them, you’d be much better off. And if you can’t then start with Nutrition because health is anchored there and eventually you won’t need the chemicals anymore and everything else just falls into place.

For some further useful information try my latest book Intercourse with Life. You won’t regret and it is a quick read.