I wish I wish

The thought occurs to me that without doing some ‘wishing,’ life would just takes some default route. An automatic, default path, following an inbuilt survival strategy.

Control at that default point rests largely with the subconscious. You barely exist and function. You might direct your daily proceedings mostly in a reactionary way so that by the end of the day you come out unscathed. Some stuff you definitely have no control over:

Your body will summons you to attention when it requires something.
That your neighbour fell off the ladder into your pool and drowned while cutting his shrubs, – and the police thinks you had something to do with it because another neighbour heard you argue with him over the fence yesterday, and even though you thought to yourself, “I wish he’d drown,” you didn’t really mean it, – you had no control over that, – it just happened.

Stuff happens all the time.

This is a world where ‘happening’ is the order of the day. Anything, even if it is ‘nothing’ is a ‘happening.’
I remember a quote, not sure who the originator is, about a particularly desolate place and situation:
“This is a place where nothing happens every five minutes and lasts for ten.”
One can only hope that this is not ones own life. But alas, if it is then something is amiss. I seem to think that if I create a wish, if I have a wish, then my whole outlook changes. Even in the most lost of lostnesses it creates a wave of enthusiasm. There is a ripple. The mind becomes active. Where there is action there is transformation. Forces gather to construct that creation that I wished for and that I dreamt of. Suddenly stuff happens. The love I wished for materializes, the new aircraft I dreamt of becomes affordable, the cabriolet Porsche I dreamt about stands in my driveway, the loaf of bread i wished for is in my shopping basket, the spring of water I wished for is in on my path, the help I wished for is on its way. If I don’t wish then ‘Nothing’ happens and if I don’t dream then there aren’t even any wishes. We know the universe is filled with endless nothing that could be activated with a wish.

I have noticed that the big things are called dreams and they are in my view vitally important and the small dreams are wishes. The big things I create as a background, like Apple’s background of El Capitan, and then I get on with my wishes. I wish to plant my Aloe’s today. I wish to have a peaceful and creative day. I wish for a resolution of one of my issues. I wish to find that parking space at the shopping mall. I wish that taxi would come past and pick me up. I get on with my day to day stuff wishing to accomplish what I have set out. The big stuff, the background, the dream of my life I can only accomplish if I walk my walk and create and fulfil my little wishes. Life is now suddenly filled with abundant smiles when those little wishes come true. As soon as you have a wish it seems to me there is a motion to grant you that wish.

Yes, I can hear the complaints, arguments and restlessness loud and clear. “I wished for stuff and it doesn’t happen.” Quite true, it often doesn’t. It is agitatingly frustrating. It is disheartening. It makes you think it is all bs and hairy-fairy waffle. It happens to me all the time and because of that I have given it some serious thought. The kind of thinking that can drive you insane. And, I have concluded after incredible rumination and exhausting cogitation that is is actually very simple. Everything is simple and if it isn’t then you doing it wrong anyway.  A rule so simple I however refused to accept it for most of my life and still do at times. You see I also don’t listen well and don’t remember well and get myself into incredible knots. Here it is: My reputation in the universe is not one of being this mighty over achiever. I can’t blow the big trumpet and expect the universe to arrive at my front door faster than the police with a, “Yes Sir, how can we help?” I have to do things in my stride and that means wishing for the small and important stuff for today. Once in a while I glance at the big dream and remind myself and then every day I will do to the best of my ability achieving those set out wishes for today. I might have many wishes for today and I do stretch myself occasionally. The other big stuff I have activated by thinking about it and dreaming about it. Because I am not a magician but only a human I can’t produce that far-off dream immediately but I can dive in and get on with what I can with determination and gusto. I have a Über-giga-dream, damn sure I have, and I have many wishes too. Each is achievable if I get on with my life. It’s a proven concept for me. Granted the Ferrari doesn’t drop on my front lawn but it sure is on its way as soon as I dream it. Now let me get on with accomplishing those wishes I set out for this day. I dream the big stuff and wish the small stuff. The basket is always full and so it should be.

One thought on “I wish I wish

  1. Idoni says:

    Great stuff as usual. May all your wishes come true.


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