uncomplicated, simple Creativity

I seem to see a correlation between the ‘cleverer’ we become the greater the complexity is that we employ.

I always thought and practised that when I understand something which is generally regarded as ‘difficult,’ then I share it with an analogy that is appropriate in the circumstance and I disassemble it into simplicity.

Not so with many institutions, individuals and, contrary to common logic, some products developed in the software industry.

Bureaucracy, (I actually feel like saying Autocracy here) and Law surely are the frontrunners in upholding the banner of complexity.  The two complement and amplify each others existence. They probably won’t make the best bed mates because they’d argue too much but they definitely will hold you in your track given half a chance at authority. And, when that threesome get’s into governance then evolution absconds. Progress is now controlled by a set of parameters defined by ‘superior’ human intelligence often driven by anything but noble reasoning and we are in ultra-slow-down mode.

In the software development world the banner of complexity or lack thereof (simplicity) is upheld by logic. The logic applied by an individual, a team, the leaders, the CEO, et cetera.

Compare the product from one software house (no names will be mentioned here as you all have your favourites) with that from another and you can feel the spirit of that ‘simple’ logic.

In all cases, we, the ones exposed to this jungle, want to get on with our business as unrestricted and simply as possible. Some aid us in our venture and others restrict us. Imagine if we would have enlightened leaders, instead of some of those self-possessed dimwits dispersed like weeds over the globe, who would produce a ‘Software upgrade’ periodically so that the flow and the growth of humanity remains unobstructed.

Of course there are many that are happy to exist within a given paddock and nobody would want to take that away. A familiar environment, known rules, comfortable living, growth instigated by gentle nudging and personal security are all welcome foundations to build a life on. Gradual and not too much change too often, – just letting us plod along till next time or next lifetime are all ideas of a life some of us want to pursue.

Everywhere on earth we are actually in jeopardy and everywhere we are in a relationship, if we want it or not. Granted, sometimes it’s not the relationship we sought, but then we should change it because we do have a choice. Somehow though it is evident that we can’t just simply get on with each other, no, we have to complicate relationships. Either we impose our ego onto someone because we are so big and so good sunshine buys credit with us or we think we are entitled, as some population groups do, or we live off charity, or, we are ‘just normal’ but then live in fear of being overrun by these ego machines that complicate our life or these social obligations that drain us that we are also not happy.

If there had to be a yardstick then the measure should be Creativity. Today we measure money and wealth. It could be said that wealth can only come about through Creativity. Wealth by inheritance or wealth from being a despot who deprives others is not Creativity. I think it’s time that Creativity is given its rightful place and awarded more stage time on the billboards of our journey. In simple Creativity lies the answer to all my needs and not in complexity.

Being creative is simple. It happens when you let yourself be. Creativity comes when you seek it. You can ask for it to be there. You can wish for it and it will appear. Unharnessed Creativity bubbles like a fountain and pops like popcorn. Creativity paints and writes and composes and designs and plays and builds. Creativity thinks and thoughts create, – profound. Creativity does it all. It even dreams and dreams are the source of creation, – are we goingd around in a loop here? Well, we just found the answer to Everything and this time round it wasn’t 42.  I therefore declare today to be Multi-versal Creativity day! Pop, pop, pop, bubble, fizz, pop…

Beat the drum :-)

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