beyond Cloudia

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A fictional memoir of a boy born with the knowledge that ‘it can be different.’
The protagonist is GG, Galaxy Galacus. He dreams prodigiously and ventures through earthly life tossed between fantality and reality. Fantality is that which lies beyond reality. It is a world limited only by our imagination.
Before finding his true I-am-ness his experiences are dramatic, adventurous and tumultuous.

This is my first book.
The six years of writing were an extraordinary experience of self-discovery, of learning, introspection, and a monumental challenge. It exposed me uncompromisingly to my naked self like nothing and no one had ever done.
This was the steepest path I have ever attempted on my own. Countless hours of sweat, tears, depression, elation, delusion only sum up part of the journey. But, when you write the final line finally, and then edit the manuscript for the last and twentieth time, and look at your achievement, you can’t help but be overawed.