seize that Virgin time

Eventually there was nothing in my racing mind as I fell asleep exhausted after another hot, late-spring day. Just before nautical twilight, an hour before sunrise, at 0400am I rose. Still there was nothing when I woke. “What will the day hold for me,” was the first question that came to mind as I stretched? That question was quickly displaced by my rather urgent thought that I wanted to have a superlative, awesome, creative day.

I went outside and the nothing dissolved into a spectacular theatre performance. Morning was approaching and the sky was slowly changing to a lighter shade. I looked towards the south-western sky and my amazed eyes caught two satellites moving in the vicinity of Achernar, the tenth brightest star. There have been nights where, no matter how hard I tried, I could not see one satellite in the firmament above and this morning there were two and they happened upon me at the instance I looked into the sky. I was so overwhelmed I was gobsmacked. Nearly unbelieving I refocused my eyes to make sure it was true. Yes this was not a dream, there they were moving on their path through the sky like stars on a mission. A minute later and I would have missed them completely. That feeling of being in the right place at the right moment, this feeling of alignment overcame me. I looked above and saw Sirius and Canopus and then turned east to be blessed with another memorable performance. Already low in the sky, towards where the sun would rise in under an hour, they presented themselves in all their magnificence. Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Jupiter looked like the headlights of a distant oncoming car. Venus was bright like a torch in the sky and Mars’ shine was faint like a bicycle light. From nothing to this I thought. Whow wee! I had to do nothing but just be there. My resolve at the beginning of my day to let it be a superlative and awesome day was acknowledged in a remarkable way and I was presented with something I could not have imagined when I went to sleep with nothing on my mind.

This made me think, – a lot. The universe is filled with nothing and in between is everything else. It’s all there and I just have to open my eyes and look and engage my mind and my first thoughts of the day shape the outcome. How absolutely mind boggling is that. I had lined this up for myself with a few thoughts only and no clue what in detail it was going to be like. Is this the Law of Attraction at work here? Have I found the Secret? What became clear is that I didn’t have to write a detailed document and present it to the universe, of what I wanted and how I wanted it to happen. I just put three words out there. Superlative, awesome, creative. What happened blew the top of my head right off. For me this was truly proof of the incredible power of thought. Once I had thought about what I wanted for the day I forgot about it and went about my (early) daily business. My intent just happened after that as if it couldn’t have been any different. I was left with such a good feeling. It was like getting a pat on the back from someone saying, “You see I told you so.”

I can only conclude that those very first moments of ones day, that ‘Virgin time,’ absorb and process your thoughts and create the basis after which your day will be sculpted. When we go back into ‘Nothing’ at night a reset-switch is activated, I guess so we can get some rest. Instead of trundling off tomorrow according to some default and wobbling through the day trying to survive the onslaught of worldly interference we should therefore create another intent, a wish during ‘Virgin time.’

One thought on “seize that Virgin time

  1. Idoni says:

    Brilliant! thank you. What a wonderful way to start the day.


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