barking dogs & strong coffee

Neither should  make an appearance late in the afternoon, evening or night, lest you plan to stay awake in which case one of them would suffice.

I don’t talk dog, at least not yet, and we certainly don’t seem to be on the same wavelength especially when my unmistakable communication misses its target with predictable inaccuracy. Imagine the aftermath if such communication would hit the target. It would however be nice if I could silence the noise just for myself. Tick the box of ‘no-neighbors-dog-bark’ in my lifes’ preferences. And I have, but there’s a bug in the software.

Strong coffee of course is my choice. Decaf is not, – never.

Then it all changes. The neighbours move. The new ones also have dogs but more evolved ones and coffee is now brewed in the mornings only.

Everything goes according to plan, – eventually.

Beat the drum :-)

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