this is what Freedom says


do what lifts your spirit into the sky
do it with all your might and a warrior cry
look back only to connect all the dots
never mind ’bout some of the occasional flops

live in the fulfilment of your dearest of dreams
even if you have only the meagerest of means
dance every moment, as if you’ve just won more time
keep the momentum you’re reaching the top of the climb

Humble up, drop all pretence, find your own way
don’t beat round the bush, voice what you wanted to say
then write what your soul always needed to speak
and look at what makes your heart skip a beat

give where you can and smile all the time
laugh when it rains, laugh when the sun shines
touch and hold hands as oft as you can
look at the eyes and be a true (wo)man

bounce and swing and tell the world you’re a king
enjoy every move don’t miss out on a thing
give all your loving and softness like a fairytale queen
cry tears of joy ’cause your life’s so ama-zeeng

bow your head and burst out with appreciation
sit quiet and sink into meditation
take a deep breath and calm down the beat
trust that what happens will be beautiful and complete