96-hour days

I mean you read a lot. A hell of a lot.

One copy of yourself should be dedicated to reading 24-hours a day and provide feedback to yourself. It should then populate that infinite dormant memory in your head, indexing everything and getting on with it, ploughing through all that is readable and available, at thought-speed, — forget about sluggish light-speed, we have very (much) surpassed that.

You see a lot too. Maybe even more than you read. But, don’t underestimate the written word. With reading also comes seeing.

There is so much out there that you actually don’t have to think ever again. It’s all been said and it’s all been thought. And what remains, surely, is in a pipeline somewhere to be revealed shortly (on Netflix or some blog or in a pub).

And, the more I read and see, truly I feel, the dumber I get. Why? Because in some way by having all this input I don’t have any output anymore. I do, but it’s others’ thoughts, words and ideas.

I clearly know that I have to extend my 24-hour day. I have to create parallel days and still manage everything even if it is four-fold now. But, I don’t want to be a manager. No, shit no! I want to be involved in every little bit of those multiple 24-hour days, and I also want to get on with other stuff that interests me. I want to spend hours flying, soaring in the air, 3k feet above the ground, or landing in my neighbor farmers backyard on a penny for a cup of Wienermischung Arabica coffee. I want to immerse myself in music and play it and compose. I want to travel to every remote and beautiful corner of this magnificent continent called Africa in my Land Cruiser. I have a love affair with Africa and another one with another one. I have to create, split, multiply and slice the time I have available.

I literally have to drag myself away from the latest doing, reading and seeing, — which I am blatantly honest about, is all extremely enjoyable, — back into my chambers, close the door behind me and open the one in front of me. The one that opens into my world from my mind. You see, here goes another 24-hour day.

My function in life, — having come to this astounding realization of the ninety-six hour day requirement, — is not to write more initially. We have agreed that there is too much already for the twenty-four hour limited human being.

We have to find ways to condense time, expand time, multiply time, fornicate time, forget time, — ignore it, any which way, — and get more done in the moment of life we have so we can absorb, digest, create more and become infinitely more of ourself.

What other point could there conceivably be to continue with life once such a revelation has shone upon us, but to invent new methods and aspire to hitherto unknown heights of accomplishing the impossible?

Do you really want to slip back into your twenty-four hour drudge-day which practically gives you perhaps two hours to do your stuff, instead of figuring out some multi-parallel reality?

Fine, go for it. You won’t find me in that asylum.

Yes, there are schools of thought that we should do one thing and one thing only at a time in order to do them properly. (utter rubbish loser talk) Admittely, I have tried and I have made a mess of it. My first novel, a fictional memoir called ‘beyond Cloudia,’ touches on the subject. And, there are always those ‘I told you so’ encouraging cheer leaders. Instead of getting multiple things done, nothing was finished, except the bottle of red wine or the J, in the end. That however is no sentence not to try again, more evolved, and with better or more Jwine. I don’t smoke so there is no J in my wine.

The current steam locomotive of progress has become terribly, frustratingly slow and this has watered the seed for further exploration into the matter of parallel 24-hour days, or, at least one ninty-six hour day to start with.

Very few things, if any, have ever worked the first time around. How many rockets have gone up in smoke? Right. We have to start somewhere.

I think we have to be blind movers sometimes, believing that our movement gets us there, although we can’t see it, or explain the logic behind our (absurd) behavior .




Essence gathering & projection

Magnified sand grains

A bit, or a memory cell, in computing terms, is the smallest addressable entity of information conceived by man, — not a byte, a byte is made up of eight bits, also called a word but not in the literary sense.

Science, by way of nature, knows about some really small stuff too:
Atoms, Protons, Neutrons, Electrons and Quarks, Quanta, Plancks, Leptons, Higgs bosons, and Strings…

It gets so small it becomes enormously large again.

Flipping bits was the exclusive terrain of Assembler programmers in the early years of programming.
They’d switch them on or off, — a dichotomous choice, — for various programming logic reasons. Often bits were simply used as status indicators. An ‘on’ bit is also said to reflect a status value of ‘true, and an ‘off’ bit a status value of ‘false.’

Imagine you are running an App.
For simplicity let’s say on some processor a bit is designated as a day/night status indicator. ‘on’ means it’s night-time. When the App tests the status of that bit a value of true is returned and it will say ‘Good Night Earthling,’ otherwise if the bit is ‘off,’ false is returned and the App will say ‘Good Day Earthling.’
Because bits can only have one of two values at a time, either on or off, these values are also referred to as being ‘one’ and ‘zero.’ A zero is sometimes also referred to as meaning ‘initial.’

Strung together bits and bytes make sense (instructions, data) and have been the foundation of our computing prowess for the last, oh, seventy-five years.

Bits, as tiny as they are, have allowed humans to progress on all fronts at mindboggling speed, — human-lightspeed when compared to a hundred years ago.

We rule and succeed by ones and zeros, or more accurately by on and off. Hard to believe, — when we play with an App or use a social network, — that it ends up in ones and zeros.

Computers and most significantly the internal process that uses bits and bytes are an ingenious, brilliant invention.
Shades in between ‘on’ and ‘off’ don’t exist. A distinct yes or no, or a clear ‘on’ or ‘off’ has been our modus operandi since the start.
If we can get this far using this principle how much further could we get expanding on it?

Nature works on an inclusive approach. It doesn’t just switch on or off, it has every nuance in between too.
Nature’s bits are called cells. A single cell has all the information necessary to make the whole, whatever that is: a tree, a human, an orange…

“Lead the way Nature and we shall observe and copy.”

Arrive the Quantum bit or Qbit. It can exist in the superposition of two states at once. That is a quantum jump from the established, entrenched, practiced thought process of seven decades where a bit could only have one of two states.

Why this (Super)Quantum bit?

Because we want to achieve more. In the process, we always come up against limits that make us re-think our approach and then better it.

“We are masters at transforming reality to rise above the wishlist anchored in imagination.”

Human lightspeed was achieved with one bit representing one value. Dare imagine the possibilities if a bit can represent more than one value?
The potential incremental effect to everything conceivable to us would leave factorials in the dust. We would have to strap our mind to our brain else we would lose it.

Now then, let’s look at our greatest desire:
Human interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic travel.

We have come a long way with travel. Walking, riding, driving, flying. At its extremes, we are now at the international/interplanetary stage. Let the ISS* and the moon be planets for this example.
Elon Musk wants to get to Mars. Extended interplanetary travel. Presently this journey critically highlights the limitation of conventional space travel: to transport matter (human, spaceship) through space (distance) to an extraterrestrial destination in a time frame that does not adversely affect our life or compromise our lifespan on earth.
A prerequisite seems to remain: we still want to climb into a vehicle, race into the distance, get out on the other side and do something and return again.
We are at odds with the time required and the physical and potential psychological extremes and limitations involved.
We got this far by flipping bits and we have once again approached a limit.

The time has arrived to use Quantum bits and develop that even further to the capacity and ability of a cell and then, — then capture the essence of individual beingness and project that.

Nature, the Universe, seems to have no limit to anything.
Humans suffer limits but somehow always manage to come up with something to jump over those boundaries.
Limits occur because, well, we have reached the end of a path and are being ‘told’ to think beyond the state we are in, i.e. not just ‘on’ or ‘off,’ but out of the quanta called a box.

“Let irrational, perceptive thought govern our thinking and rational actions our collective fellowship.”

Physically we are Earthlings, accurately definable entities governed by the natural laws and behavioral laws on earth. If we want to venture beyond our horizon, and by the way Mars is still within our horizon albeit barely visible, then a quantum leap is necessary that supersedes the rational, temporal, telluric based thought process.

Materialistic propulsion has limits.
Certainly, a self-contained, Enterprise-like spaceship traveling at warp speed through space is a wonderful picture and incentive to dream.
However, imagine transportation evolving into a completely new reality through a concept born of irrational thought conceived in a vacuum of presupposition.
The future of transportantion lies in:

Essence gathering and projection

and not physical transportation at all.

Picture credit: These sand grains took 14th place in the 2011 Nikon Small World contest. https://www.livescience.com/16369-nikon-small-world-photos-2011.html
ISS – International Space Station


takeoff prophecy:


here is the simplicity:

you fly as high as a bird, a jet plane, a kite, a bug, – simple.

…because you want your life to take off.

we don’t want to be stuck.
ever rocketing towards that desired direction,
the bulls-eye of our life.

‘no legs on the ground’ dear people while your prophecy takes off.
emphasis is on ‘our’ chosen direction, not some boring, generic default.
choice becomes our rudder, dreams are the wind caught by the sails of our imagination,
therefore, part of, or the whole of us, has to fly, to fulfill that prophecy.
the spirit will lift.
clarity is found aloft.
prophecies are fulfilled at height when we soar and glide.
imagination’s heaven is up high.
you get there when you fly.

problems arise when we veer off the ‘simple-life-about-everything’ prophecy.
it is simple! quite simply because the world has only seven billion Einstein’s.
along the way we stall, falter, fall and doubt in unpretentious and perishable ways.
some begin to learn. growing understanding and wisdom.

‘simple?’ = current comprehension.

hedonistically life enjoys doing what one wants to do.
of course, this premise is infinitely arguable – of what this is truly about.

a fire requires feeding lest you settle for cold coals and ash.
incite a bonfire inside of you and fulfill the energy spiral.
the more you give the more you get.
spiral to your focus point.
burn a hole to your new horizon.

and maybe there is no prophecy.
so make your own.
adjust it along the way.
call it your own philosophy.
name it the Philosophia Galactica.
rock it liberally with controversy, shock the established norms.

normality is the cushion where slumber intoxicates action.
a circle is the starting point of mockery.
waiting is the result of not doing.
imagination is the soil where dreams grow on.

believe in the crazy stuff. see with distant vision. know that you can.
the track you are in as a youth becomes a canyon with age.
change track and tack.
right on.

dream it indefatigably and
remain that successfully dreamt wish who lives in fulfillment.

imagine: for a caveman living AD, having a glimpse of today’s busy civilization must have been a fantastic trip into deepest utopia.
and vice versa when we look back at cave life. truly.

flirt with your far-out imagination till it blooms into a love affair.

make it real

As if something touches me, it's how I feel
There's nothing I can see –

A week ago my life aligned, 
 I penetrated a wish of mine
 A willful effort gave it life
 carved from my dreams to rise

Perfumed like rainbow candy is the air,
 my nostrils seek the whispering wind 
 Like spumy foam of rose and honey my thinking thinks –
 Effervescent, present ever this affair 
My spirit lifts and floats away,
 unconfined this day
On the brink of real and magic
 my mind dwells,
 fluttering its wings to a broomstick's spell 
 Passion-power, imagination,
 mojo fuelled with elation,
 fondness for the sky,
 I am on the fly!

The wheel then turned
 Today-o'clock is present time
 Loud rings my chime again
 proclaiming: another wish affirmed

Today is real 
 as true as now,
 the pain I feel,
 and what I miss
 and what I see
 and consciously allow
This very wakeful moment
 a torch into my memory shines
 Archive of the past, 
 like an empty bottle reminding me of wine
 Sweet though it was, bubbly and alive,
 that flight has landed, – now I drive

Part of this moment
 in the future rests,
 inspired by the past
 It visualized and learned
 Towards the light it yearns,
 then takes to flight once more,
 leading to my heaven's door
T'is not the last time
 that I'm flying higher than the stars
 Climbing, reaching further and afar
 Sending rhyme and prayer to the lofty shrine
 When I'm flying, paradise is mine

Something touches me, it's what I feel
There's something I can see – 
I think I'll make it real

fly me high

Version 2

I saw you in the sky
 You where so high
 You drifted by
 High, high, high
 I saw you in the sky

Amongst the scattered clouds
 floating about
 I saw you 
 I wanted to shout
 Between the white and blue
 I saw you flying through

The sun came up and there you were
 hanging on the invisible air
 I touched the sky to feel you fly
 but you were so high
 I wish to fly with you
 I'm in despair

Oh sky so high when can I fly
 I want to watch the world drift by
 Never once I found my feet
 nor was I meant to dig so deep
 I want to fly and be so high

Everyday I look into the sky
 Sometimes I see you gliding by
 Playing with your friend the wind
 in the thermals of the air I think
 I cry, I cry, I want to be so high

I want to fly the airy ocean
 and land on cliffs and trees
 Soaring, zooming, diving, tumbling, 
 would keep me from insanely mumbling
 My freedom's in the flying motion

My wings are open like a book unread
 each page a feather full of promise
 When you read it then you let me fly
 that's how I find some solace
 There are no limits just look ahead

 I am in the sky again
 with you
 I waited not in vain
 We fly, fly, fly
 We are so high
 and very thankful too

into the wind

Often I hear: Go with the flow. Go with the stream. Go with the wind, where it will take you. Jump into the deep end. Go, go, go.
Then I wondered.
Ever seen an aeroplane take off? Ever looked at a windsock indicating the direction of the wind?
They never take off with the wind. It’s always into the wind. Of course there are aerodynamic reasons.
Wind coming from the front over the wing lifts the plane. A headwind therefore facilitates the take off and shortens the runway required to get into the air. Wind from the back is only good when we are up there. On the ground it has a negative effect on our ability to lift off. Once up there then a tailwind pushes us along and saves us fuel and time, increasing our speed without much effort from our behalf.
What if we use that example for our life.
Just going with the wind or jumping into the stream tears us along at a rate of knots. We don’t lift off. We tumble, sink, drown, crash. The fewest of us have enough runway or smooth waters to eventually gain some lift.
We want to gain lift in our life. We are here to make life work out for us.
Why not use the wind blowing in our life and turn into it head-on? Instead of running with it lets utilise it to get off the ground, to get lift-off, to gain much needed perspective, height and clarity and then once we are in control and stabilised and know exactly what we want, turn with the wind and zoom towards our dreams. A little pressure from the front could be quite beneficial to get us going. I for one love facing into the wind. I will be my own aeroplane and pilot it to the destination of my choice.