fly me high

Version 2

I saw you in the sky
 You where so high
 You drifted by
 High, high, high
 I saw you in the sky

Amongst the scattered clouds
 floating about
 I saw you 
 I wanted to shout
 Between the white and blue
 I saw you flying through

The sun came up and there you were
 hanging on the invisible air
 I touched the sky to feel you fly
 but you were so high
 I wish to fly with you
 I'm in despair

Oh sky so high when can I fly
 I want to watch the world drift by
 Never once I found my feet
 nor was I meant to dig so deep
 I want to fly and be so high

Everyday I look into the sky
 Sometimes I see you gliding by
 Playing with your friend the wind
 in the thermals of the air I think
 I cry, I cry, I want to be so high

I want to fly the airy ocean
 and land on cliffs and trees
 Soaring, zooming, diving, tumbling, 
 would keep me from insanely mumbling
 My freedom's in the flying motion

My wings are open like a book unread
 each page a feather full of promise
 When you read it then you let me fly
 that's how I find some solace
 There are no limits just look ahead

 I am in the sky again
 with you
 I waited not in vain
 We fly, fly, fly
 We are so high
 and very thankful too

One thought on “fly me high

  1. idoniforder says:

    Lovely poem! Thank you


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