Tales of a 2nd world

Camino a Q’eswachaca Peru, Inca bridge,
credit: Atlas obscura

Doesn’t everyone spend time in a 2nd world?
I have seen countless faces with that far away look giving me that impression.
The 2nd world: this realm in my mind where I create unobstructed, with immediate results and where I am simultaneously the actor and spectator.
Indefinably vast in the infinity of its potential it enables me to create and experience anything I dare imagine.

In the 2nd world I am the illimitable explorer, inventor, and achiever and I have woken to its possibilities.

I think the 2nd world has all that which renders my ‘this-here-reality’ complete. It’s an escape when the 1st world sucks. No doubt. But, it is not the world of brooding, wishing, expecting and hoping, it is the place of ‘I can’ and ‘I am’ and of success and accomplishment.
A momentary sidetrack about hoping: — along this arduous, slogging, mundane journey, – and what a painfully descriptive word arduous is, — many will tell you to forget about hoping because it’s a losers verb just like worrying, but it is the heart-born seed of what we want. If hoping stays in that transient stage of wishful thinking, between thought and reality, it might not bear fruit, but if it consumes us and inspires action then it is the catalyst it was designed to be. Hope is a wishing uncertainty of wanting to scale over hurdles that exist when I live in the twilight between the two worlds without a bridge.

In the 2nd world, I always am the greatest me.
In the 1st world, I am still becoming to be.

Before I enter the 1st world, I have already perfected, in the 2nd world, what it is I wanted to be and do.
Miraculously, everything I think of, any task no matter how impossibly impossible, is possible and complete and functioning, — and it’s done.

Wishes originate in the 1st world.
Long before they manifest in the 1st world I already indulge them in the 2nd world, — in the fantasy of them being fulfilled.

What it is that I am right now
is what I want to be
And not what I am led to believe
to be defined for me.

This idea or concept of a life pre-defined and pre-determined does not exist in the 2nd world, because, as I think something, it is done. There is no resistance.
To be under some contractual obligation that defines ones life, but whose memory has been erased as we entered the 1st world, is preposterous, ludicrous, jabberwocky tosh.

When I don’t like what I have embarked on in the 2nd world, I can reverse it and adjust it or change it without penalties or karmic debt, — without any repercussions.

The 1st world is like the front cover of a book, the 2nd world is the thousand page story of glory, and vice versa, because the one always substantiates the other.

In the 2nd world, I can become anyone and even anything I want to be at such breakneck speeds, jumping from being A to B to C, that if I’d tell someone else they’d say I am crayzee.
Everything is in the 2nd world. It is the ‘Land of Is.’

You could experience the sheer immortality of being a rock on a mountain:

“Hear ye, I am the rock called ‘Stone D Forever.'”

…go ahead and try being a rock,
or Maya the bee in a hive full of honey.

Nothing stands in my way in the 2nd world. I can become all that is yet unknown and unthought of, stuff so bizarre and remote, because I can make it up instantly. Preposterous stuff. Insane stuff. I can condense and stretch and blow it up, flex my muscles and bowl the world through ten pins down a galactic alley all in a blink and rewrite the front cover of my book with every page I add inside.
It is a limitless world of expression where the core always remains I, while everything else can change. Here I am the master of time unlike in the 1st world where this relationship is reversed.

There is actually only ONE task for us to accomplish:

— To become bridge builders. —

Build bridges between our worlds.
Connect our worlds so we can traverse, travel and transport at will. Nothing else is of any consequence.

What does your bridge look like?
A gondola pulled by a rope, a six-lane highway, a tunnel, a beam?

Build your bridge first, the rest will follow.

My occupation? Bridge builder. Naturally.

Beat the drum :-)

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