eternity + 1

Here is another day

I see some more
I hear
I feel
I think
I smile
I love
I give
I am

Perhaps today I learn
and understand
the real reason
why I’m here?

And if I find it,
would it change me
would I change it?

What is ahead
along my way?
Why am I still here?

Another sunrise
and an evening with you

Another melody
to this song
of my life

Another elegy
to the time
of me and you

Eternity plus one day
That is the present
of today

6 thoughts on “eternity + 1

  1. idoniforder says:

    I love it!


  2. yassy says:

    This is a verse for eternity. It’s timeless and beautiful. I am so happy I read this.


  3. Benyapoesy says:

    Beautiful words. ☺️


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