The ‘Go’ in ‘Wait’

Waiting is paused life while time slides along.
Asynchronous parallel behavior fills the waiting void.

Why the wait?
Was I too fast? Was I too slow? Did I venture off my course?
Waiting is watching for something with intent. Waiting is hoping for a wish to gain fulfillment. I am waiting for alignment and synchronicity with life. I am waiting for a door to open, for an event that wakes me up again so I can proceed.

Wait for me, I can’t wait for you, but waiting is what I seem to do.
Waiting is a way to say there is something out there that could make my day.

Wait for a little but not too long, when nothing happens you know it’s wrong.
Wait is a Stop sign implying an indefinite Go. It’s a ping wishing for a pong, incalculably slow or unrecognizably fast so that I have to wait again for it to show.

I was born under a dangling sign that spelled ‘Wait’. Unclear the exact event. I ventured hitherto and fro perpetually dissatisfied and penned. In limbo and at double speed, more than once, I went around the bend hoping for the Wait to end.

Waiting is like the colon (:) after a sentence: Are there facts following that bear any resemblance to the thought that inspired the pronouncement (wait) or has the plot been lost in the waiting wake?

Why do I wait when I should fly and gain perspective from up high? Waiting does not please me if anything it makes me cry (and do other things).

I wait because in waiting I think the answer to my future is being formulated.
A Wait, however, is the universe’s encouragement to me to do something different or un-wait related. Do I really want to sit around and wait, doing nothing? Unequivocally not!
The longer the wait the clearer the message to do something else does sound.
Wait actually means to motivate me to ‘Go-go-go

The greater or longer the waiting the louder the call to fill it with activity.
The more Waits the better. Each Wait is a wish of sorts. Like this, I instantiate and created ideas galore like a Rosemary or a chain of Waits so to speak. There should be so many that when their manifestation occurs I can say, “OMG, I didn’t even remember that I waited on this idea.”

In our human existence with a mind full of thoughts enlivened with imagination, waiting on something can also consume us and make us a waiting wreck. Nature, apart from us, has no waiting equal. In our mind, the Elephant waits for the drought to pass and the Lion waits on the Impala to feed, but in reality, I doubt there is any waiting going on. We have created this concept of waiting and we suffer the consequences as long as we don’t see the message to accelerate the ‘Go’ between the Waits.

So go and wait, er, wait and go, go, go!

One thought on “The ‘Go’ in ‘Wait’

  1. Idoni Hester Forder says:

    Very good! thank you.


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