See, – in front of me

I have eyes and I do see
 whatever there is in front of me
The light in the dark
 the long road ahead
 a bird on a tree
 the thoughts in my head
 fog obscuring my heart
 a flower and a bee
 I see all this in front of me
The sunrise this morning
 thunder and lightening
 rain and then hail
 a note in the mail
 a smile that was lost
 tears in their eyes
 destruction at all cost
The poor and the weary
 the hungry and scared
 those that have lost someone
 and those that are dead
 a stick in the hand
 and a bag on the shoulder
 I see all that looking ahead
The bounce of a ball
 hate in their eyes
 a future uncertain
 a child that cries
 a gun to the head
 a knife at the throat
 all I see very, very load
Misguided people, selfish agendas
 ignored values, shunned respect
 heralding their own importance and splendour
 vaccination by bullets and bombs
 sinking into the deepest debt
 creators of the generation of lost ones
 inept at seeing or reading life's map
What's in the back I can't see unless I turn
 mistakes, lectures and memories galore
 and then what would I gain in return
 all things I can't change and have no more
 when I look back I awaken the past
 ahead is my way I must move on
 to the bridge of my future not the shore of my past
The smile of a stranger
 the arms of my lover
 a happy home 
 and a jolly mood
 the beam of the son as he finds his father
 a kid with a plate full of food
 threatened by insanity of war, crime and danger
Hundreds of channels filled with confusion
 I have eyes that do see 
 and I can't live in total exclusion
 but when I look I can choose where to dwell
 and shape my own destiny
 I shall not fall under media's spell
 jealously guarding my right to be
I have eyes and I do see
 whatever there is in front of me

Beat the drum :-)

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