Light, shadow, me: the trinity

Without me (or a tree etc.) light would have no mate
 That's why I am
 That's why we are three
 Inseparable and still unique
 Sometimes I, the shadow, am, and sometimes I am not
 That is because sometimes you are and sometimes not
 When I am not, I just am behind a veil
 Sometimes I am you and you are me
 Shadow, light and me, the trinity
I, the shadow, am the soulmate of you
 I am not the opposite of light
 I can only be if you are, and me too
 It is you that sculptures me
 It is me that draws your face
 Using the crayons filled with grace
Without you I would be a lonely light
 I could not live and shine so bright
 That would be night, a mere shadow of me
 We are as one in three
 Therefore I am trinity
We are inseparable and yet apart
 You rise in the east
 And yet in the mornings I stretch west
 But in the evenings east is my quest
 When you are there then I am here
 But altogether we are the trinity
We are at our peak when we are born
 Or when we go to rest
 Antipodes you think but somewhere we do meet
 A triangular circle
 Mathematics at its best
At noon I am not, but still you are
 We are combined together
 We have met
 Now is our time to rest and be complete
 I am light, shadow, me
 I, you, we are trinity

Beat the drum :-)

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