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Isn’t everything that nature presents us with perfect?
I mean could you really find fault in something from nature like it is too small, ugly, messy, awkward, fat, colourless …?


I have a beautiful garden and now in the rainy season, here on the southern tip of Africa, it produces beauty unimaginable. Not just the many plants but also the birds are magnificent. The sky is a theatre of cloud plays never repeated. The sun adds life and everything reproduces.

I can’t fault nature.

But, I do fault myself, and I fault others. I am actually especially skilled in the latter. Passing judgement on others is the easiest thing. I vehemently fault myself too when I mess up. Forgetting a wallet when going shopping, hurting myself, saying the wrong thing or not doing the right thing etc. etc.

I have another skill-set. I can randomly and entirely un-choreographed produce a string of expletives that I join to my judgements, and, should those word-bombs exceed my thoughts or become louder than a mumble, they would send others cowering.
I am also quite happy to run myself down. Slate myself. Curse myself. Knock myself on the head in disbelief and do even worse things when no one is looking.
But I find no fault in nature. None. I love nature. I have grown up close to nature and have never once that I can recollect, cursed or run nature down.

Aren’t we humans also nature?
If we’re not then what would we be?
For a while, when we are very small I think we are perfect. Then comes indoctrination from those around us and then our mind kicks in and pretty much shapes our behaviour. Now we become clever, judgemental and call others all kinds of names. We think we know a lot and yet we don’t even acknowledge that there is so much we don’t know.

I don’t want to think who and what you are and I don’t want to listen to what others have to say about you.
I want to see you as unquestionably perfect as I see nature.
I also want to believe that I am perfect.

2 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. SaviSoul says:

    We absolutely should not fault ourselves because then we are finding fault with our creator. Sometimes I tell myself I’m so stupid for something, but then I immediately apologize to myself and tell me how wonderful I am! =:>)


  2. Mr Nothing says:

    Such true words. Hammering oneself has to stop. “I am wonderful!”


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