lots of lots vs enough

I have that feeling that many in society, me included, are generally not all that satisfied with having ‘just enough.’
‘Just enough,’ has a sound of being poor about it. Maybe even a bit stingy, but certainly there is a connotation of being a bit short-changed.

If you are invited at someone’s for dinner and want to go for seconds and the hostess says,”Sorry, we only made ‘just enough,'” it would surely raise your eyebrow.
It raised mine. There wasn’t even an apology, it was just accepted amongst them that there will ‘only’ be ‘just enough.’

Now why should that raise a question? Why do I want more than ‘just enough?’
I mean I had ‘just enough’ and that is actually more healthy than stuffing myself till I become un-moveable and sleepy and useless.
My grandfather practised what he preached all his life and his philosophy on eating was: “When it tastes the best, stop eating.” Something I have dismally failed at all my life. For him there was always enough and for me there was never enough, and that goes not just for eating. He wasn’t a masochist and I don’t think I am a glutton.
Those same people that had me over for dinner and had ‘just enough’ food, also had a ‘just enough’ car and ‘just enough’ furnishings.
It seemed they were happy with ‘just enough’ and they could have afforded better or more if they wanted to.
For them ‘just enough’ was good enough, however for many of us it isn’t.

I know of many people in Africa to whom ‘just enough’ would be a blessing. I know Africa personally because I live here, and then there are those with ‘not enough’ in South America, in Asia and the rest of the world.

What if I could have everything I wanted in ‘just enough’ proportions rather than wanting too much of everything? I would still be happy and nothing would go to waste.
That sounds like a good plan to me. But, I have a built in fear that ‘just enough’ just ain’t enough for me. I also have no trust that there always will be ‘just enough.’ I am so conditioned to lots of lots and seeing others around me who also want lots of lots. Imagine a kiddies party with ‘just enough’ soda pop and sweets, it would be a disaster, – or would it really?
The strange thing is that the leftover from all our ‘more than enough,’ eventually gets thrown out, – hopefully not into the bin but given to charity.

Somehow we have been conditioned to leave a handsome margin of tolerance in our vision of ‘just enough.’ Realistically however, coming to think of it, ‘just enough’ is actually ‘enough,’ so that there is nothing to worry about, right? Because there is some stigma attached to the term of having ‘just enough’ like you feel you are that little bit short changed, let’s call it just, well, ‘enough’ from now on. I don’t need ‘lots of lots’ or ‘abundant of,’ I need enough to live my life the way I want to live it. There is an enormous difference between excess and enough. Excess I can give away and I think we probably have an obligation to do so.

Isn’t the most rewarding feeling the one of giving, and, still having enough? That’s actually a life of abundance.

Beat the drum :-)

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