noir intense


struggle with the night sleep deprived i surmise i will survive but can't jump off this ride hour one past midnight! darkness has turned fake bright second-hand sunlight reflecting institution white flicker-less heavenly neon light leaves play melody trees sway in ecstasy roots feed from soil’s elegy a breeze cools summer's energy life rehearsing in full parody head brimming with rhapsody a jumblesale of mind things confusion brings fresh dew drops offering therapy hour two begs for clemency now imprisoned helplessly by thoughts in hostile territory and sarcastic answers by the enemy the third hour serves a penalty street light loneliness irrupts delusional hopefulness wakes up escape routes barred firmly shut hour four resigns a condition called the borderline insanity: the sanctity of tragedy drowsed but not fine resurrection by the fifth! appearing in strict order: you, coffee, sunlight end-of-torture what was I struggling with?