important as a raindrop

The Giraffe was browsing the succulent shoots from the top of an Acacia tree when she saw an Elephant walking by.
The Elephant was minding his business and decided to pause. He rested his right front foot on the polished, rounded-off top of a termite mount.
It was not the first time he had come past here. This was a narrow path which he and many others had walked before him.
His name was Socrates. Other animals had given him that name because, as he stood there, his pose resembled that of someone deep in thought.
And he was. The depth of his thoughts was enormous just like his size.
The Giraffe watching Socrates from the top of the Acacia gathered her long purple tongue, interrupting her gathering of delectables from nature’s kitchen, and commented,
“Socrates, today it has become very clear to me that I am bigger than you.”
Socrates, unfazed, nevertheless had to raise his eyebrow to find the head of the Giraffe above the canopy of the Acacia and he replied,
“Tallneck, you know, it really depends which way you look at it.”
At that moment a small ant known by the name of ‘Furmiga’ piped up so that both the ‘big ones’ heard it and said, “I am also the biggest, the biggest of the smallest.”

In the meanwhile God, on his journey through existence, had come by and was resting on a tree stump, listening to this conversation of who was the biggest.
He decided to clarify the situation as it had in the past caused heated arguments and fearsome demonstrations of power.
“I made some of you big so you can see the small things and I made some of you small so you can see the big things. But you are all as important as a raindrop.”

Tallneck respectfully thought about that and felt that a raindrop hardly stated her importance.
Socrates sunk even deeper into thought searching for the meaning of God’s words.
Furmiga was satisfied with the idea, because after all a raindrop was quite a bit larger than she was.

God rose from his tree stump, and as he walked away his big feet stirred up some of the fine dust and he sneezed so vigorously that the clouds gathered overhead and rain started pelting down.
Tallneck, with her head stuck above the Acacia, felt each raindrop as it pricked her face. Looking at the dust bowl God had just walked through she saw it filling up with fresh clear water as each raindrop added its importance. Fascinated she watched the sparkling pearls as the light broke into prisms of colour and then splash up in a silver spray in the little pool.
Socrates felt each transparent bead miraculously cooling him down as his hide absorbed the water turning from a dull grey to a glistening black. He realised that if it weren’t for each single drop from the sky he could not survive. In gratitude he reached upwards with his trunk opening it towards the sky.
Furmiga knew that with each important drop the dust and sand came alive in another miracle and she and her clan could eat and drink.

Next time I see a raindrop I know a blessing is on its way.