Was I, am I, shall I be? What?

“The more we become the more we are and the closer we get.”

“I am a stone and a tree and the water and the bee
 I am the green of the grass and the night-time and stars
 I am fire and wind, nature and the sky und das Kind
 I am space and matter and nothing at all
 I am the flower and beauty, I am big and I’m small
 I am and I am not, I am the designer and I am the plot.”

Excerpts From: ‘Beyond Cloudia’ by Raiden Germain

standout & shine


Even in the nothing of darkness I have a vibration that announces my existence.

I am.

I am not just by fluke. I am because I choose to be who I am.
I stand strong and I shine.I am with nature. I am part of nature. I am nature.
I bend only enough so that I don’t break but otherwise I am.
I am regardless of the storms around me.
If I don’t stand out then I am not, and I am unmistakable.
The many parts of me are all that I am.
I am filling the nothing with a presence so you know who I am.
Regardless of what you think I am, I am.
I am another way of being, a way you might not have known before.
Crystallised nothing is what I am.
Nothing is everything and everywhere and still I am that I am in that.
I am even in your ignorance of me.
There is none like me. I am unique.

I standout and announce, “I am!”