two drawings


I have made two drawings:
 the way my life is now and the way it will be,
 the current state and the desired reality
The difference between them is easy to see: 
 question marks, dullness and a head hanging down
 versus color, poise and a smile with no sign of a frown
Vividly I believed and I wore that hat
 filling the page I outlined my vision in black
 and then added some colour so I‘d remember to act
I imagined, I felt it and I was focused like a beam
 not on what wasn’t or what broke or all that had been
 but of flying a kite, my symbol of freedom, and
 living my dream
A drawing quite clearly it needed to be
 because a picture brings out the purest form
 of my fantasy
 while words would leave far too much room for ambiguity
Inspired by and credit to Patti Dobrowolski 
 Draw your future, TEDx Rainier