play the day

A day has died.

          (nothing changes)

  When I wake up my day is born
  For sixteen hours then I blow the horn
  I want to plug my mind into another source
    and believe I have access to a hidden force

       (a voice calls “change it”)

   To leave the mundane behind
   Stop leading a life so blind
     in what has become the perpetual grind
     and a dis-ease infecting my mind

       (on the cusp of change)

   Jump onto dreams, not one but three
   Climb ever higher up my flame tree
   To be free and unobstructed see
   Touching the blue reality
   Unlocking life with my unique key

           (embracing change)

   Now, never more and with pressing resolve,
     before my wings retract with fear
   I am heading for another hemisphere
     upon a tune only I can hear,
     clearly ready to evolve


   The sacrilege of losing another day
   A blasphemy if I would stay
   There is no other way
   I am flying without delay
   Now I can play 
   I love my day

   Let's play and play my beautiful day