Perpetium nightmarium

a script

                or: Which darn door?

Scattered bodies
  not dead, but motionless, deflated and gaunt,
  meditating, praying, prostrating, imploring

An icy wind of disappointment swirls petrified emotions
 across a barren, lifeless terrain 

In the near-distance, a megaphone crackles to life, 
 From a minaret it booms  
 Its huge bell lips inflict the sentence:

  "sin is calling for payment"

The spirits of the motionless bodies shrink
 in the fallow light of doom and punishment 

Dried tears raise powder puffs

Prophetically the megaphone hurls the demand:

  "the denomination shall be in tomorrows"

The floor turns midnight and soaks in blood

Motionless the bodies wail
 Slowly they come alive and writhe and cry

Emerging from the void:
 a swarm of white, winged, heavenly minions
 bring dark chocolate to feed the bodies

The chocolate soothes the emaciated, abominable sighs

They cry and stammer:

  "we only have yesterdays and sorrows"

The megaphone sarcastically laughs:

  "ha-ha-ha, then you are done and you will die"

Painfully the bodies grow and rise and assemble

In harmony, they proclaim their belief in a new idea
 and raise their thin arms to push out a scream

  "we are over your fearsome lies" 

In the resonant echo of their conviction
 they gather their wilted, hurting souls 
 and walk away, hunched and trembling, but resolute

Two doors appear 
 Each has a sign one-third down
 The signs read 'More of everything' 
 and 'Less of everything'
 Next to each sign is a small dancing devil

Exhausted and confused 
 bodies jump from line to line in front of the doors
 Clearly, they want more of something
 but not more of everything
 and less of something, but not less of everything

Entering they find it is a devilish play
 There is only one line behind the doors
 Each has to define the 'more' or 'less' themselves

The minions appear again
 serving the tired, tested entrants red wine this time

The bodies relax and chatter
 The Nightmare is over 
 Everyone seems fine 
 However, subversively, another is on the way again.

Beat the drum :-)

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