It was fascination …

On reflection. In hindsight. Looking back.

Connecting the countless breadcrumbs life spills: splodges, pools, and deltas of crumbs;
from the thinnest of silk threads to glistening rays of desire leading to my intimate blue skies and starry nights;
the weaving print of dots showing the way to the source of every reason for my doing.

Looking eyes lead us to see and that evolves into understanding. Eventually, and sometimes, a conclusion happens upon you, – a knowledge befalls us.

It was ‘fascination.’

I was bewitched, charmed, spellbound, entranced and grogged by so many things to such an extent that everything else, even the sensible stuff, bounced off this cloak of enthusiasm cast by my absorption.

Nature and music were the earliest and probably most potent ingredients in my life in the conglomeration that became a soaring rainbow union of interests.

In this Ferris wheel of creative engagement in one’s life, any capsule or gondola of curiosity can take precedence over another. The wheel turns and everything can experience the wave-like motion of flight into the heights and then feel the grounding stability of rest at the bottom. The man-made gyroscopic effect of stability and direction existing only long enough to affirm the intrinsic flux of things.
Fascination ignites randomly in no particular, predictable firing order. The pistons of our inner engine rumble, spin, whine, screech, thump and think along like an orchestra to a rhythm defined by the great conductor of creativity within. Fascination is crazy, polarizing and unifying in an energizing flurry of dynamism; meditatively still and laser-like in its exclusive, focused concentration. The elixir composed of imagination fuses with fascination and propels us on – deliriously clear-headed​, super receptive and hyperactive.

Your fascination should become your occupation. Why spend many hours each day slogging along when you could surf the day blown by the wind of fascination in a sea of happiness and fun?

You can’t force fascination or buy it. It is either present or not and as such is a gift to enjoy and the most important tool to guide us.

But, what is fascination? How do I bring it about?
It happens sub-consciously when any of the senses feel pleasured. When thought is enamored and I am attracted.
We are already fine tuned to what fascinates us; to what we like and what we want. You either are or aren’t fascinated.

Fascination stares us in the face with an uninhibited invitation to follow.

A fascinating trail of crumbs leading to the only possible source, – fascination.

Beat the drum :-)

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