a pool a stream and you

Zambia VicFallspool2007

I want to be a pool
 up in the mountains where it's cool
 I want to be a stream
 entranced by jungle and sea
 I want to be One but I am many times too
 I want to be true
 I want to be lost inside of you
I want to run past you
 and I want to hold your hand
 because I am the stranger and your closest friend
 I want to persuade you to come along
 because I am soft and eternally strong
 and I will make it worth your while
 come walk with me for a mile
I want to stand still and gaze at the sky
 I know I am the moments that can make you cry
 and the sunrise that lets you fly
 And then I want to rush on towards light and bliss
 and through the wind I'll blow you a kiss
 I want to be the one who you miss
I want to sit quiet and hear each of your thoughts
 I am the listener and soulmate the universe brought
 I want to say something without words or great noise
 because I am here for a reason and out of free choice
 And deep in my pool a poem is hidden
 that I have written
 for you
I want to be the pool that you drink from
 and the stream that you ride
 when you want to be high
 Touch me and I will make you fly
 and wrap your heart in a song
 come along

One thought on “a pool a stream and you

  1. idoniforder says:

    That is so beautiful! You are very talented.


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