Dude, Dudie, Duds

I thought of your cat whose name I didn't get
 But it's not important so I really won't fret
 Worried he's not either, I'm willing to bet
 Especially where previously we'd already met
Did he call me by name or show me disdain?
 Not at all, he spoke to me seeming perfectly sane
 And trusting that I was too
 we became friends without further ado
 No naming at all, what for, we both think?
 I know you without this common, predominantly human link
And if I let them, whoever they are
 they'll probably devise a number and a code like a bar
 and then scan me and file me and categorise me
 never to know me, only to show me and see me from far
I don't need your name and fit no one's frame
 To you I'm a cat and I don't play your game
 So don't belittle me with your silly names
 Ineffable I am and unapproachable in fame
Rise to my level and speak without words
 we can think to each other just like the birds
 Cause when I sit there and dream or look like I sleep
 I'm in a world you'd be breathless to peep

Beat the drum :-)

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