cloudy days and then the moon

Was life difficult?
It was a sheer unscalable cliff-face at times.

Was it sad?
It changed my bone marrow into tears and my blood into salty rivers of pain.

Was it lighthearted?
It was like the tumbleweed in the air and swallows playing in the sky.

Was it happy?
It was like falling in love, gaining eternal youth and winning the lotto all at once.

Was it consistent?
It was as mutable as the weather, as restless as the ocean, as jonesing as the flames.

Was it logical?
It was always way more or too little.

Why did I live it?
Because it had everything I ever dreamt of and all I never wanted, – till the realization that what I didn’t want I didn’t have to think of, and then it was gone and I was left in my dream world.

Could I control life?
I could never control it. Often I was a slave to my thoughts till I became their master, and I was the inventor of my nightmares till I became the creator of my dreams, and now life is forever in love and flirting with freedom. The less I demand from it the more it gives me.

Can I change my horizon?
Of course I can! I just fly higher; gain altitude; dream more prodigiously.

Then why do I cry?
Because I leave behind what I know, thinking that what lies ahead is less then what I had before.

As I am I will be and so I will be in every moment what I am.

What am I?
What I want to be!

I am!

When light shines from within and light is all around there is no shadow, that then is my life and dream.

Beat the drum :-)

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